freelance-content-development-social-media-manager-jody-murphyMy name is Jody Murphy. All day, every day, I’m either creating content, eye-catching graphics, audio and video for business blogs, Google+, Facebook, Pinterest and other social media channels — or I’m teaching others how to do it themselves.

Even as a kid, I was an information sponge — with my nose stuck in a book or hand gripped around a #2 pencil, recording the world around me.

My early jobs were as a copywriter back in the 70s and as technology evolved, I morphed into a digital marketing producer, project manager and trainer.

My specialty is creating content that packs a visual punch, gets found by search engines and nudges readers to take action.

Training for Do-It-Yourself Entrepreneurs

I love teaching social media and visual marketing “how-tos”s, best practices, tips, tricks and shortcuts to owners of neighborhood businesses. I teach online private lessons when it is convenient for you – even outside normal business hours and on the weekends. It’s a perfect way to learn by doing, 30-minutes to an hour at a time.

As your private trainer and coach, just tell me what you want to learn how to do or where you’re stuck and we’ll take it step-by-step. You do the driving, but you’ve got an experienced co-pilot to guide you step-by-step.

Boost confidence and skills — and learn by doing. Using cool online tools (all free), you will feel as if I’m sitting right next to you. NO webcam, Skype or Google Hangout required.

A Few Ways to Use Your Online Private Lessons:

  • Get step-by-step guidance creating attention-grabbing images with PicMonkey and Canva
  • Learn how to correctly use Pinterest as a business marketing tool — to drive traffic and generate revenue
  • Be certain your Google My Business listing is set up correctly and optimized for best results
  • Map out a month’s worth of great content for blog and social media updates
  • Walk through everything involved in publishing a well-optimized, Pinterest-ready blog post
  • Learn how to do dozens of things on YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook and G+ you’re unsure about
  • Customize a MailChimp email template, test and schedule updates to subscribers


I’m available for temporary projects and long-term assignments. My sweet spot is helping business owners in the pet care industry, but I’m versatile and have experience with other niches, including hospitality, travel/tourism, eldercare services, home/garden and more. It won’t cost you a thing to find out if I’m a good fit for your current needs.

Want to see a more traditional bio with my related life and work experiences and training? Look here.

Here are the best ways to get in touch:
804-794-6073  (office)
804-839-3939  (cell / text)